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Breeders Forum ~ Fall & Winter 2005-2006
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From the Distaff Side of the Fence ~
A Mare Owner's Viewpoint
by Suzi Morris 1996
(Reprinted from the Southern California
CMK News
Summer 1996)

Have you ever loaned someone your most treasured possession and had it returned to you in even better condition? I had that experience recently, and my highest praise and gratitude go to Dick and Sandy Warren on their care of keeping of my mare HAAPEY PICO (Haat Shaat x Jolley Pico). She was returned to me in even better condition than when I left her with them; she was bright eyed, content, sleek, in perfect weight, and not a scrape or scratch in sight to indicate she had even ever been off a pillow of lace and finest satin, much less been through the ordeals of foaling and mothering a 100 lb. colt. As a result, I would never hesitate to entrust a horse into the Warren's care, and I hope they ask me to do this again.

Yet, I cannot help but think of those other stallion owners who are out there wondering and complaining about the lack of outside breedings coming in to their ever so fine stallions. Has it dawned on those owners to look around their place and see what facilities they are offering to the visiting mare? Is housekeeping of stalls, ground, and pastures as meticulous as it can be? Are the safety and welfare of the visiting mare of priority concern and do you reassure that mare owner of such things? Can you prove that you will take good care of the visiting mare by showing off your grounds, your horses the exact place where your mare will be stabled? Have your demonstrated or explained the methods your will use during the mare's stay with you? Have you ever thought that some mare owners are so particular that they are not breeding to your stallion just simply because they are afraid of leaving her with you no matter how great, grand, and glorious the stallion is and foal might be?

These precious broodmares and your customer's concerns should hold vital priority for you while they are in your custodial care. Let them know how much you do care. Take those extra steps, the ones beyond the breeding contract, by listening to them and making their needs your needs, by offering your gracious hospitality, by answering honestly and forthrightly their questions, by keeping your verbal and written word on promises made, and by keeping a vigilant watch on their mare's health and safety. Do these things and you will have the solid beginnings for years and years of a mutually satisfying business relationship or better yet, a genuine and lifelong friendship. Extend yourself, go for the joy and reward of that parting goodbye comment from your customers, that one statement that makes even the poorest man rich: "I'm so glad I've done business with you."

Thank you again, Dick and Sandy. HAAPEY PICO misses you, your grandson, and her life in The Forest!

Haapey Pico with Dick and Sandy Warren
Dick and Sandy Warren Saying Good-Bye to Haapey Pico
(Suzi Morris also in background) July 1996.
Photo courtesy of William R. Morris 1996

(Editor's note: Summer Issue, 1996): Suzi Morris serves as editor of the newsletter and owns two CMK mares and a CMK gelding of Old California breeding. Her first glimpse of Haapey Pico was in a pasture at the Hearst Ranch in 1982, and Suzi thought that she was the most beautiful filly that had ever galloped this green Earth. That memory never faded. Twelve years later the mare came unexpectedly back into Suzi's life for keeps. The Warrens are so proud of the colt that resulted from this breeding to Aulrab that they bestowed the honor of Ibn Aulrab upon him and have highest hopes and expectations for him to be their future herd sire. Win, Win were the words on this Lease! ~spm)

Times do change! This "Editor's Note" brings back fondly treasured memories. ~spm (01/21/04)

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