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Photo courtesy of Nyla Eshelman

Leafy Bullet Tahdik Leafy Bullet
AHR #396

Color:  Bay
Sex: Mare
Foaled: 1920

Sire: *Berk (Seyal x Bukra by Ahmar)

Dam: *Nessa (Hauran x Raschida by Kars)

Breeder: W.R. Brown. Maynesboro Stud. 
Berlin, New Hampshire.

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From our Arieana Notebook: From out of Berk's last registered foal crop we find the beautiful Tahdik, a bay mare who had several owners in her lifetime throughout various parts of our country. Tahdik was sold by her breeder, W.R. Brown, from his Maynesboro Stud in New Hampshire to Randall Davey of New Mexico. He in his turn sold her to John A. George of Indiana, who in his turn sold her to Walter Gillis of Texas, her last owner of record. No death date is listed.

Tahdik made very important and lasting contributions to our breed through her foals. As the dam of 9 purebred registered foals (2 colts and 7 fillies), we at Arieana Arabians look in our pedigrees to her daughter Tamar who carried forward her rare Wild Thyme dam line on to her grandson, the magnificent Tamarlane. For those following their interests in Arabian racing, the name of Tahdik's son Rajil and his daughter Rajilita Ku will come to mind in association with the Kubela Ranch of Texas and their famous Arabian racing and breeding program centered on their CMK stallion Kontiki.

Proud of the speed, athleticism, and heart that Tahdik passed on to her foals, we at Arieana Arabians believed in these traits and qualities and saw them as very special reasons for our breeding Gleeful Pico to Tikis Regal Heir, a double Kontiki grandson. The resulting two foals, LP Shaan Tiki and LP Faarah Tiki, are superb Arabian Sport Horses still satisfying their current owners with their size and strength, beauty, balanced form-to-function conformation, stamina and versatility for long-distance pleasure riding, wins showing in-hand and under saddle, and for their most amiable and willing dispositions.

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Pedigree of Tahdik AHR #396

Mesaoud GSB 2070
Seyal GSB 320
Sobha GSB 319
*Berk 343
Ahmar GSB 171
Bukra GSB 283
Bozra GSB 67
AHR #396
Jezail GSB 218
Hauran GSB 303
Hagar GSB 17
*Nessa 222
Kars GSB 23
Raschida GSB 82
Wild Thyme GSB 40
Sire Line: Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha) through Mesaoud (Blunt)
Tail Female: Wild Thyme (Blunt) (Kehilan Ras-Al-Fadawi)

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For more information on Tahdik, or to see for yourself how her influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

Suzi Morris
28952 Via Hacienda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
Phone: 949-248-1260

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