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Leafy Bullet Skowronek Leafy Bullet
GSB #552

Color: Grey (White)   
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: 1909

Sire: Ibrahim (Heijer x Lafitte)

Dam: Jaskolka (Rymnik x Epopeja)

Breeder: Count Joseph Potocki. Antoniny Stud.
Poland (Russia)

Meaning of Name: Polish word for "Skylark", an Eurasian lark famed for its melodious song. 

Sire of 48 registered purebred Arabian foals including his sons Naseem, *Raffles, and *Raseyn, and his daughters *Incoronata, *Rifala, and *Rossana who are all of significance mid-pedigree in the foundation bloodstock of Arieana Arabians.

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From our Arieana Notebook:
was the single, sole radical outcross introduced into Crabbet's breeding program in the stud's entire history. He was foaled at Count Potocki's Antoniny Stud in Poland; however at that time Antoniny was held by the Russians, so technically Skowronek was born in Russia. He was imported into England in 1913, brought over by Mr. Walter Winans, who used him as a model for his sculptures and paintings. Mr. Walter Winans then sold him to his friend Mr. Webb-Ware who used him as a hack. Mr. Webb-Ware later sold him to Mr. H. V. Musgrave Clark, under whose ownership Skowronek initiated his show and breeding career. Lady Wentworth acquired him from Mr. Clark in 1920; Skowronek was by then 11 years old. Lady Wentworth campaigned him in earnest and he began to win championships; she also began breeding him to her Crabbet mares.

Skowronek, one of the great stallions of the breed and one with world-wide influence, was an entirely different type of Arabian horse than those previously used at Crabbet. Whereas the Crabbet Arabians were often apt to be dry and reachy, with good shoulders and forehands, and sometimes with good size, but might lack in smoothness, strength, and correctness through the loins, hindquarters and hind legs, Skowronek was a small, more compact, strongly built horse of a different classic type. He did not have the forehand qualities possessed by many of the Crabbet Arabians, but Skowronek definitely brought in the back, hindquarter, and hind leg improvement some Crabbet Arabians needed ~ and he was very strong in passing on his good qualities in these areas, as well as amazingly prepotent in stamping his get with his own type. Maturing to an alabaster white color, he proved an outstanding cross with nearly all the Crabbet mares to whom he was put; the blending of Skowronek with the Crabbet bloodlines proved one of the most auspicious nicks ever made, and the results have had tremendous positive influence through much of the Arabian horse breeding world. Skowronek died in February 1930, but the effects of this blending and his legacy are still seen going forward in his descends of today.

Highly recommended for further study on Skowronek and his role and place within the CMK Heritage:

Skowronek (3 Pages with an Extensive Photo Collection) by Eva DanÝ.

Skowronek by Carol Mulder. From The Crabbet Influence May/June 1989 issue and Collectors Vol. 1, 1992.

"A Brief History of the Founding of Crabbet Stud" by Carol W. Mulder. The Arabian Horse Journal, August 1, 1983.

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Pedigree of Skowronek GSB #552

Desert Bred
Desert Bred
Ibrahim PASB 407
Desert Bred
Desert Bred
GSB #552
Kortez (Poland)
Rymnik (Poland)
Hama (Poland)
Jaskolka PASB 3601
Derwisz (Poland)
Epopeja (Poland)
Lira (Poland)
Sire Line: Ibrahim (Heijer)
Tail Female: Iliniecka 1815 (Poland) (Kuhaylan 'Ajuz)

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For more information on Skowronek or or to see for yourself how his influence lives on today in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

Suzi Morris
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