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Rabiyat 577
Rabiyat 577
(Rider: Charles A. Smith)
Photo copy courtesy of Laurie Weichelt

Leafy Bullet Rabiyat Leafy Bullet
AHR #577

Color: Bay
Sex: Mare
Foaled: March 14, 1926

Markings: Narrow Blaze (Strip), 4 White Stockings,  4 White Feet
Height: 15.0 1/2 HH    Weight: 1,000 (approx.)

Sire: Rehal (Sidi x *Ramim by Berk)

Dam: *Rokhsa (Nasik x Rokhama by Astraled)

Breeder: W. R. Brown
Maynesboro Arabian Stud
Berlin, New Hampshire

Double Registered with The Thoroughbred Jockey Club as No. 116155 in their American Stud Book.

From our Arieana Notebook:
When we see or hear the name Rabiyat, we think of the word TROT ~ not only for her own bold, free moving style, but as an ability she passed on to her produce. A film of her in action was used by Mr. Herbert Reese to illustrate, frame by frame, the preferred style and way of going for an Arabian horse under saddle  ~ her freedom of shoulder movement, good flexion of knee and hocks, and great length of stride, with comment on how well her snappy action illustrated how such movement made the horse less inclined to over-reach or forge than one with a lazy or dwelling action.

Considered by those who remember Rabiyat as the greatest natural action mare of all time, we treasure these words of Herbert H. Reese in his book The Kellogg Arabians as writes of her: "On my third trip to Maynesboro I saw several mares in a large corral and was greatly impressed by a large bay mare which had an elastic, well-balanced trot even though unshod. Mr. Brown said that his son had used this mare at Andover College for a polo mount for two years and had also used her for jumping. A smart-headed mare whose rich bay color was set off by her narrow strip and four socks, she took my fancy so forcibly that I immediately decided I wanted her at Kellogg's for shows as well as for a broodmare. This was Rabiyat."

Mr. Reese goes on to relate: "She was shipped to Pomona in a carload of other Arabs and unloaded on a Saturday night [September 7, 1935]. First thing Sunday morning Rabiyat was shod and tried out in the show ring in English tack. She went up into the bridle so well, and showed such a bold, square trot and "rocking chair" canter that she appeared in the two afternoon exhibitions that day. Talk about adaptability, this mare had it."

Rabiyat lived out her days at The Kellogg Ranch, Pomona, California serving not only as a treasured broodmare, but also performing year after year as a dynamic, brilliant, and popular three-gaited star in their Sunday Shows, never sour or even temporarily gimpy. (Edwards, p. 42)

"On the morning of April 13 [1950], Rabiyat was destroyed and buried in the horse cemetery at the Kellogg Unit. An appropriate marking was to be placed on her grave. This action was taken in accordance with the decision of the Arabian Advisory Committee at the February 25 meeting." (Parkinson, p. 341)

Rabiyat was the dam of 13 registered purebred Arabian foals (5 colts and 8 fillies), 11 of them born during her 15 years at the Kellogg Ranch. We at Arieana Arabians still see and greatly appreciate her influence in our bloodstock today as it comes down to us through her son Rabiyas and his son Abu Farwa.

~Suzi Morris (revised and updated 08/11/2012)

Catalogue:Maynesboro Arabian Stud: Season 1927. Berlin, New Hampshire, U.S.A. 1927.

Edwards, Gladys Brown. Know The Arabian Horse. Farnam Horse Library, Omaha, Nebraska. 1971. p. 42

Parkinson, Mary Jane. The Kellogg Arabian Ranch: The First Sixty Years. Cal Poly Kellogg Unit Foundation, Inc, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California Third edition, 1984. 

Reese, Herbert H. in collaboration with Edwards, Gladys Brown. The Kellogg Arabians: Their Background and Influence. Borden Publishing Company, Alhambra, California. 1958. pp. 85, 165-166.

Pedigree of Rabiyat AHR #577

Khaled 5
Sidi 223
Rosa Rugosa 166
Rehal 504
Berk GSB 438
*Ramim 348
Rim GSB 581
AHR #577
Rijm GSB 393
Nasik GSB 539
Narghileh GSB 265
*Rokhsa 351
Astraled GSB 375
Rokhama GSB 515
Rabla GSB 360
Sire Line: Kismet
Tail Female: Rodania (Blunt) (Kuhaylan Rudan)

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For more information on Rabiyat or to see for yourself how her influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

Suzi Morris
28952 Via Hacienda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
Phone: 949-248-1260

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