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Leafy Bullet Khaled Leafy Bullet
AHR #5

Color: Chestnut
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: May 24, 1895

Sire: *Nimr (Kismet x Nazli)

Dam: *Naomi (Yataghan x Haidee)

Breeder: Randolph Huntington. Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York.

Meaning of Name: Named after Khaled, a great general and mighty warrior in the wars shortly before and right after the death of Mohammed. 

Sire of 19 registered purebred Arabian foals (9 colts and 10 fillies) of which his son Sidi is significant mid-pedigree in Arieana's Arabians.

From our Arieana Notebook: Khaled, the result of breeding *Naomi to her grandson *Nimr, is considered by many as a foundation stallion for modern Arabian horse breeding in the United States. Regarded by Randolph Huntington to be the ultimate result of his breeding program, Khaled was certainly one of the best sons of Huntington's foundation mare *Naomi to be born in the United States and was a key progenitor of the CMK Heritage's now failing *Kismet sire line.

Photos of Khaled show him to have been a magnificent horse ~ handsome with an intelligent Arabian face, perfect balance, and impressive breed character. He was regarded as a "horseman's horse" standing 15.2 Hands, weighing 1075 pounds, and today is still considered one of our breed's best examples of excellence.

Khaled at age 12 years  was sold in Huntington's 1907 sale of purebred Arabians for $1500. Khaled's last home was with W.R. Brown at his Maynesboro Stud in Berlin, New Hampshire where he became renown for his ability to sire winning Endurance horses (one such horse was Rustem Bey) and proved beyond a doubt that Arabian stallions were indeed suitable for use in the U.S. Cavalry's Remount program.

Yes, Endurance Racing runs deep in the blood of Arieana's Arabians! Haat Pursuit carries many crosses to Khaled, and we have highest of hopes for "Cruiser's" future with Tim and Kristi Johnson who now hold the guiding reins for this bright and promising young stallion's career.

Edwards, Gladys Brown. The Arabian: War Horse to Show Horse. Arabian Horse Trust of America. Denver, Colorado. Third revised edition, 1980. pp. 51-52.

Mulder, Carol June Woodbridge. Imported Foundation Stock of North American Arabian Horses. Volume 2 (Revised Edition). Borden Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California. 1993. p. 111.

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Pedigree of Khaled AHR #5

Desert Bred
Kismet GSB 46
Desert Bred
*Nimr 232
Maidan GSB 14
Nazli GSB 149
Naomi GSB 45
Khaled AHR #5
Desert Bred
Yataghan GSB 2102
Desert Bred
*Naomi 230
Desert Bred
Haidee GSB 11
Desert Bred
Sire Line: *Kismet
Tail Female: Haidee (Upton) (Maneghi Hedruj)

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For more information on Khaled or to see for yourself how his influence lives on in the prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

Suzi Morris
28952 Via Hacienda
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
Phone: 949-248-1260

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