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Ibn Rabdan
Ibn Rabdan

Leafy Bullet Ibn Rabdan Leafy Bullet
RAS #86

Color: Dark Liver Chestnut
Sex: Stallion
Foaled: May 17, 1917

Sire: Rabdan (Dahman [El Azrak] x Rabda d.b.)

Dam: Bint Gamila (Ibn Nadra x Gamila by El Sennari)

Breeder: Royal Agricultural Society. Cairo, Egypt.

Sire of 53 registered purebred Arabian foals including his daughter *Maaroufa who is of mid-pedigree influence in Arieana's Arabians.

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From our Arieana Notebook: The striking dark liver chestnut stallion Ibn Rabdan was considered the most important sire of his day in Egypt. He was a stallion of commanding presence, standing 15.1 Hands with a long, supple neck and almost perfect conformation. Considered by many as the Egyptian Arabian of the 20th Century, Carl Raswan described Ibn Rabdan as a "world champion type" and "the most beautiful stallion of his time." Dr. Zaher was quoted as saying: "He was not a photogenic horse and few pictures did him justice, particularly in his old age, but he had that 'great finesse'." Others were noted as saying: "[a sire] unique in the annals of Arabian horse history," "famous as an all-around good Arabian," "the best product ever [of the program at Bahteem]," "almost perfect," and "the most influential sire of his time."

Ibn Rabdan raced for two years in Egypt, 1920 and 1921, retiring from the track with a record for his 16 starts of 5 wins and 2 places. Used extensively in the stud of the Royal Agricultural Society by both Prince Mohammed Ali and Prince Kemal el Dine Hussein, the name of Ibn Rabdan appears more frequently in the pedigrees of winning race horses bred by the E.A.O. than any other stallion. His son *Fadl and daughter *Maaroufa, full brother and sister out of Mahroussa, helped to establish an Egyptian dynasty at the farm of Henry B. Babson in America. This sireline also got the illustrious paternal half-brother to Ibn Rabdan named *Nasr (photo) (Rabdan El Azrak x Bint Yamama) who was the premier sire for Prince Mohammed Ali and also a successful race horse in Egypt before his importation to the United States by William Robinson Brown for his Maynesboro Stud, Berlin, New Hampshire. Ibn Rabdan died in Egypt at age 27 in 1944. 

Forbis, Donald and Judith. "The Arabian Horses of Egypt". Arabian Horse World May 1962. Springville, New York. pp. 36-37.

"Looking Back 1917". Arabians April 1985. Campbell Co. Inc., Lake Orion, Michigan. p.120

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Additional photos and information on Ibn Rabdan can be found in The Royal Arabians of Egypt and The Stud of Henry B. Babson by Judith Forbis and Walter Schimanski. Thoth Publishers, Waco, Texas 76710. 1976.

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Pedigree of Ibn Rabdan RAS #86

Gamil El Ahmar Egypt 94
Dahman (El Azrak) RAS 33
Farida El Debani Egypt 215
Rabdan (El Azrak) RAS 49
Desert Bred
Rabda RAS 43
Desert Bred
Ibn Rabdan
RAS #86
El Sennari Egypt 52
Ibn Nadra Egypt 47
Nadra RAS 52
Bint Gamila RAS 60
El Sennari Egypt 52
Gamila Egypt 46
Hadba Egypt 40
Sire Line: Gamil El Kebir
Tail Female: Venus Egypt 245

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