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Leafy Bullet Bint Helwa Leafy Bullet
GSB #140
GSB Volume XIX

Color: Grey
Sex: Mare
Foaled: 1887
Died: 1907

Sire: Aziz (Harkan x Aziza)

Dam: Helwa (Shueyman x Horra) 

Breeder: Ali Pasha Sherif. Purchased in 1896 by Wilfrid Blunt and Lady Anne Blunt as a foundation mare for their Crabbet Arabian Stud in Egypt (Sheykh Obeyd)

Dam of 7 registered foals (4 colts and 3 fillies) including her daughter *Ghazala, a mare of tremendous significance for her tail female influence in the pedigrees of Arieana's Arabians, as well as her son Harb and her daughter Hilmeyh who also made significant contributions mid-pedigree in our foundation bloodstock.

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From our Arieana Notebook: Bint Helwa and her influence is at the very heart and soul of all the foundation bloodstock of Arieana Arabians. A (nearly) full sister in blood to Mesaoud, Bint Helwa is on the line of tail female descends through her daughter *Ghazala for both Haapey Pico and Gleeful Pico, the two foundation mares for Arieana Arabians, in addition to Bint Helwa's numerous counts of mid-pedigree dam line influence for Arieana's two precious foundation mares.

I hope you will enjoy this excerpt from Spencer Borden's writings to more fully understand why we cherish Bint Helwa's influence for the beauty, the courage, the endurance, and the soundness she herself possessed and has passed down to us through her son Harb and her daughters *Ghazala and Hilmyeh, and we quote:

When visiting this stud (Crabbet Park/cp) in September 1905, the writer [Borden] had first one and then another particularly attractive animal pointed out as the offspring of "the broken-legged mare". Finally he asked "What is the broken-legged mare, and where is she?" "You shall see," said Lady Anne Blunt, leading the way to a box stall, of which Bint Helwa was the sole occupant. Here we saw a broken-legged mare sure enough. Were it not for her injury she is such a beauty, pure white, with a head such as Schreyer would seek as a model! But, her off fore leg! This was broken between the knee and shoulder so that it wobbled loosely. Her shoulder was also broken, and the gentle creature stands always on three legs, the fourth can support no weight, the toe just touches the ground, and when she would move about the mare rears a bit, hops around with the good front leg, dragging the poor useless member. The exclamation was spontaneous, "For heaven's sake how long has that mare been in that condition?" "Oh, for eight years" answered Lady Blunt. Then she told the story ~

'Bint Helwa had come from the Egyptian stud [Sheykh Obeyd] with two other mares [Johara and Fulana] and the three turned to pasture together on arrival in England. In the evening the other two came up to the stables but Bint Helwa was missing. On searching, she was found in a ditch. She had jumped the enclosing fence of the pasture, landed in the ditch so that her leg and shoulder were terribly broken, and the other mares following had jumped on top of her, breaking two of her ribs. As she was within six weeks of foaling it was decided not to destroy her, but take her to the stable and try to save the foal. The mare was gotten out on to a drag, pulled as gently as possibly to her box stall, suspended in slings, and cooling applications made to the injured parts. The breaks were too extensive to knit, but such was the soundness of her health and constitution that the days passed and no rise in her temperature ensued. When the day came for her foal to be born, she was lowered gently in the stall, the little one came into the world all right, and since that time the mare has bred seven perfect foals. Now in 1906, the broken-legged mare is 19 years old and she is due to foal this spring."

Sadly this beautiful chestnut filly by Mesaoud mentioned in Spencer Borden's story above died as a yearling, but Bint Helwa's several other foals played significant roles in carrying forth the Crabbet Stud's foundation bloodlines and appear in the pedigree of our rising star Haat Pursuit (Blitzen of Pico x Gleeful Pico). In addition to her daughter *Ghazala's dynastic dam line strength and influence, both at Arieana Arabians and world-wide, Bint Helwa's Mesaoud son Harb sired *Rodan, and Bint Helwa's daughters Hilmyeh by Ahmar and Hamasa by Mesaoud founded strong international dam lines. You can trace her daughter Hilmyeh's branch mid-pedigree in our Arieana bloodstock through *Hamida to Surrab, the dam of Abu Baha. Of special interest is that Bint Helwa was the only Blunt foundation mare other than Rodania to have three line-founding daughters, but Rodania does not actually breed on through a son as Bint Helwa does through her son Harb. The Bint Helwa dam line eventually and regretfully died out at Crabbet in 1918, though in later years it was returned to England through two mares descending from the Bint Helwa granddaughter Gulnare.

Source of quotation:
Borden, Spencer. The Arab Horse. Doubleday, Page & Company, New York, New York. 1906. pp. 60-63.

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More information on the founding of The Crabbet Stud and Bint Helwa's role as a foundation mare for Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt can be readily found through our website's links to other CMK Articles on the Internet.

Suggested hard copy reading for further study includes:
Archer, Rosemary and Colin Pearson with Cecil Covey, The Crabbet Arabian Stud. Alexander Heriot & Co. Ltd., Glouchestershire, Great Britain. 1978 (revised 1994).

Forbis, Judith, The Classic Arabian Horse. Liveright, New York, New York. 1976.

Mulder, Carol June Woodbridge. Imported Foundation Stock of North American Arabian Horses, Volume 2 (revised edition). Borden Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California. 1993. pp. 272-274.

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Pedigree of Bint Helwa GSB #140

Zobeyni Egypt 233
Harkan Egypt 231
Harka Egypt 252
Aziz RAS 41
Samhan Egypt 260
Aziza Egypt 230
Bint Faras Nakadan Egypt 137
Bint Helwa
GSB #140
Jerboa Egypt 257
Shueyman Egypt 226
Shueyma Egypt 258
Helwa Egypt 241
Zobeyni Egypt 233
Horra Egypt 259
Ghazieh Egypt 234
Sire Line: Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha I)
Tail Female: Ghazieh (Abbas Pasha I) (Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah)

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