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CMK and The Days of Yore

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Looking Back ~ 1937

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A short story about The Kellogg Sunday Shows
derived from Arabians (March 1985) by Suzi Morris
and enhanced with notes and photos from various other sources.

Click to view larger image (78721 bytes)By 1937 "Kellogg's" was a household word associated with breakfast. While at this time the name did not have quite the same national familiarly with regard to Arabian horses, it was becoming well-known in California for the Sunday exhibitions at the ranch.

These extravaganzas began as showings of the Kellogg horses at halter and a display of their tricks in the stable courtyard. But soon, as more and more spectators attended these weekly shows, a ring was built and the program of events was expanded.

The exhibitions often resulted in converting fans of other horse breeds into Arabian aficionados, as some of the best-known Arabians of the day gave stellar performances in events ranging from jumping to stockhorse work.

Click to view larger image (84088 bytes)Interestingly, the Kellogg performances also included many other breeds of horses ~ all of which descended from the Arabian ~ to show the influence of the "proud breed." Even Percherons, because of a claim to some long ago Arabian infusion, were shown in an eight-horse hitch.

The famous *Raseyn (Skowronek x Rayya), first shown as a jumper but later shown five-gaited, was renowned for his ability at the rack.

Click to view larger image (73337 bytes)The Kellogg stallion Ralet (*Raseyn x Sherlet) excelled as a liberty jumper in the Sunday shows. He was always a crowd pleaser, leaping high hurdles with ears pricked forward and wearing nothing but a headstall.

Two equine movie stars were used for years in the exhibitions. Jadaan (*Abbeian x Amran), who had been ridden by Rudolph Valentino in the film Son of the Sheik, was the main native costume horse at the ranch. The desert bred and imported *King John appeared in several movies including Lives of a Bengal Lancer and The Scarlet Empress, in which he was ridden by Marlene Deitrich. He was shown in Russian regalia at the Kellogg shows with Mrs. Mark Smith astride. He was also frequently shown as a three-gaited horse.Click to view larger image (88614 bytes)

Hanad (*Deyr x Sankirah) was a "high school" horse turned trick horse, as he would perform both the Spanish Walk and "jumping the rope." The later was performed by the rider holding a curved "rope" of flexible wood in both hands in the manner of a jump rope and, as it came over Hanad's head and in front of him, he would leap over it.

Farana (*Nasik x *Farasin), who was first shown in harness at the Spanish Walk, later became known for his prowess as a stock horse. He was thereafter shown only in that division, for his feline agility ad amazing speed never failed to thrill visitors.

Each event was performed solo so that the spectators could concentrate on individuals separately. The grand finale was the Click to view larger image (67364 bytes)liberty drill with a total of eight stallions and mares in harnesses which spelled out  K-E-L-L-O-G-G-S. (Rifnas had his turn as one of the liberty drill leaders as did also *Nasik; others in Arieana's pedigrees who were singularly featured at various times through the years: Abu Farwa, Raad, Rabiyas, Rabiyat, *Rasafa, Roshana, and Rossdin.) 

Needless to say, this was no ordinary horse show. Thousands of visitors attended the shows annually, and more than a few of them left as the proud new owners of a son or daughter of their favorite "star" in the show. The Kellogg exhibitions were proof to many seasoned horsemen as well as novices that the Arabian breed was truly the most versatile of all.

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