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Arieana Arabians ~ Heritage Notebook
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CMK and The Days of Yore

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Looking Back ~ 1979

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An Interview with Harry and Katy Harness
Quoted from an article presented in
"History & Album: Harry Harness Arabian Horses"
The Arabian Horse World July 1979.
Enhanced with additional information and
photos from the Arieana Notebook of Suzi Morris.

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Click to view larger image (100323 bytes)"We purchased our first registered Arabian mare from the U.S. Remount Station at Kellogg's, Pomona, California in 1947 ~ Diana (Farana x Hazzadina). This mare was in foal at the time and produced Rommel sired by *Lotnik on March 8, 1948. She was then bred to Ramah and produced Capri in 1949 (photo at left). In 1949 we purchased our second Farana daughter, Luna out of the mare Kehefe, again from the Remount Station at Pomona, California [W.K. Kellogg Ranch].

Click to view larger image (110692 bytes) In 1947 we purchased two Arabian mares from Dr. Claude Steen of La Brea, California. Ma Ahla (Sahiby x Ghrazal) (photo at right) was in foal to Al Farabi at the time of purchase and produced Al Sirat, foaled in 1948. She was then re-bred to Bataan and produced Ta An Ahla, in 1949. The other mare we bought was Murtah (Sanad x Carshena). Her first registered foal was Witar, foaled 1950, by the imported stallion *Witez II.

In 1979 we have standing at stud Rahmoun (Rahas x Mounigha) owned by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Hearst Jr., New York, N.Y. and Holy Smoke (Courier x Katherine).

This year [1979] we have eight mares that are producing foals. The largest number of mares we had in production was 24 in 1974 (figures taken from annual Stallion Report forms).

We have produced three National winners:
Bint Diana (Rahmoun x Diana), National Futurity Champion Mare 1968.

Click to view larger image (77088 bytes)Katherine (Rahmoun x Rose of Tra Lee), U.S. National Top Ten Mare 1968.

Pico Moon (Asil Altair x Mounigha), U.S. National Top Ten Trail 1977. 

We also produced 1978 Legion of Merit winner Rahmouns Lancer (Rahmoun X Rose of Tra Lee).

Here are a few other important wins:
Rose of Tra Lee (Rommel x Murtah), champion mare (photo above). We showed this mare to many wins for a period of nine years, and she produced a foal each year of her show career.

Redwing (Al Sirat x Diana), many early wins; injured as a two-year-old and retired to broodmare band.

Click to view larger image (75303 bytes)Austine (Rahmoun x Diana), champion mare (photo at left taken as Harry Harness accepts the winning trophy for Austine's being named Show Champion Mare at the Las Vegas, Nevada All-Arabian Show, April 1963).

Rahmouns Sierra (Rahmoun x Sierra Dawn), reserve champion mare.

Bluchip By Altair (Asil Altair x Zamajwas Nanni), champion stallion.

Rahmoun (Rahas x Mounigha), winner of the largest get-of-sire class we are aware of ~ 15 entries of three horses each (San Fernando Show at Santa Barbara, 1968). He won it with Katherine, Bint Diana, and Jani Moun.

Karen By Altair (Asil Altair x Zamajwas Nanni), High Point Award winner western pleasure in open showing by Tammy Thalmayer ~ we are proud of Tammy and her accomplishments in promoting the Arabian in the open shows against all breeds.

As to our stallions, we purchased Asil Altair (Rafferty x Afara) from Alice Payne as a weanling in 1959. He was 68 3/4% *Raffles breeding and we bred him to Rahmoun daughters very successfully.

Amara Baha (Abu Baha x Tahir) was leased by us for three years, getting some excellent sons and daughters. He was, among many other wins, Canadian national Champion Park Horse. He fit well into our breeding program as his bloodlines were similar to those of Rahmoun but not too close.

Click to view larger image (91805 bytes)Rahmoun (photo at left) was the last registered get of Rahas, one of the very successful early-day sires of action horses. We have leased Rahmoun since 1960. He has sired many champions at halter and performance and is hale and hearty at age 24.

Our breeding program has been based on breeding Arabians with type, substance and uniformity. We have bred six generations of purebred Arabians with many lines going back to Mesaoud, Skowronek, and Farana. These Arabians have beautiful dispositions, are sound and strong, with excellent feet and legs, extremely deep heart firths, well-sprung rib cages, beautiful heads and long necks. When you look at these Arabians you know they are purebred Arabians ~ they fit the description of Arabian type and conformation as specified in the AHSA Rule Book: Arabian Division. Through the use of Rahmoun as a sire, and the mare Zamajwas Nanni (*Zamal x *Rajwa ~ both imported from the Arabian desert by Sunical Land and Livestock Dept. of Hearst Magazines Inc. in their Importation of 1947, we added a very important source of blood to our program.

I think there is a place for the small Arabian breeders today provided they have a goal of breeding top quality Arabians and the courage to stay with their goal and not get involved with whatever source of imported blood happens to be in vogue at the moment. They should plan to keep the top third of the fillies for replacement mares.

In our many years of breeding Arabians we have enjoyed our horses and the many friends we have come to know through association with the Arabian horse and those who own and love them.

I strongly feel that letting a young boy or girl have an Arabian horse to work with and enjoy is the best possible incentive for that youngster to grow into a son or daughter the parents can be proud of. I have never known a youngster interested in an Arabian horse who has been a juvenile delinquent.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this [Centennial] issue."

~Harry and Katy Harness
(July 1979)

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We thank those who have gone before us for preserving the traits that give us today CMK Arabian Horses we can truly say are a "Pleasure to Own, A Pleasure to Ride." For more information on the history and beautiful Arabian Horses of Harry and Katy Harness or to see how their influence lives on in today's prized and cherished horses of Arieana Arabians, please contact us. Visitors are always welcome; appointments are appreciated.

Suzi Morris
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San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5546
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