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Arieana Arabians ~ Haapey Pico
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Dreams Do Come True

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Portrait of Haapey Pico

Leafy Bullet Haapey Pico Leafy Bullet
AHR #236292

Leafy Bullet Old Hearst-source pedigree
Leafy Bullet CMK
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Color: Chestnut   Sex: Mare   
February 4, 1981

Sire: Haat Shaat (Tahas x Sha-Ira by Tamarlane)

Dam: Jolley Pico (Rahmoun x Kishtee Pri Moun by Mounri)

Breeder: William R. or Austine Hearst, Jr. San Simeon, California

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Description: How can one explain Haapey Pico or all that she has meant to us? Perhaps we said it best when we wrote the following words for her entry in the CMK Heritage Catalogue IV: "Power, Balance, Substance, Classic Beauty with Foals of International Acclaim. Dreams do come true."

And Yes, "Dreams Do Come True" ~ for that is exactly how it was for us when Haapey Pico came to live with us, finally, after twelve (12) long years of wanting and waiting and hoping for what we consider one of the best, if not the best, of mares to come off the Hearst Ranch in modern times.

We fell in love with her at the Hearst Ranch in 1982, and today, over 31 years later, we are still in awe and in love with our memories of her  ~ just for the "her of her", for her sweetness and kindness and devotion to us and her foals, as a pleasure trail horse and companion supreme, and for the superior quality of her foals and their commendable achievements. Haapey Pico is a legend in her own time, and we wish John and Rose Muffett of Muffett Farms all best of success, joy, and happiness as they guide her through the next phase of her life.

Haapey Pico is the dam of 8 foals ~ 3 Colts and 5 Fillies and very proud of each and every one of them. See them and their foals in Haapey Pico's Brag Book. We hope you will also enjoy viewing some of our favorite photos highlighting this priceless mare's life story.

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Pedigree of Haapey Pico AHR #236292

Rahas 651
Tahas 7200
Tamma 1348
Haat Shaat+ 13903
Tamarlane 3274
Sha-Ira 6823
Nawari 2112
Haapey Pico
AHR #236292
Rahas 651
Rahmoun 10124
Mounigha 5500
Jolley Pico 91461
Mounri 6918
Kishtee Pri Moun 52597
Kishtee Priza 22591

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From our Arieana Pedigree Notebook: Haapey Pico's dam Jolley Pico, never unplaced in halter, was most cherished and prized by the Hearst Family and all who knew her. The tail female line in her pedigree traces to the Abbas Pasha I desertbred Egyptian mare Ghazieh coming down to us several generations later through *Ghazala, imported to the United States in 1909 by Colonel Spencer Borden of Fall River, Massachusetts from The Blunt's Crabbet Stud in England. 

*Ghazala produced two daughters here in the United States of vital importance to the Arieana Arabians foundation pedigrees: Guemura and Gulnare, with the tail female line to Haapey Pico descending from the Guemura branch. The Gulnare branch of the *Ghazala dynasty produced Gulastra who sired Rahas, the sireline on which we linebreed our foals at Arieana Arabians.

Hence it becomes our great pride in that Haapey Pico herself is intensely linebred throughout her entire pedigree by repeating this pattern of dove-tailing the Rahas branch of the Gulastra sireline with various descending branches of the *Ghazala tail female line, meeting each other over and over again, thus insuring a powerful genetic prepotency for reliable reproduction of their inherently exciting qualities. 

And what are these qualities you ask? This *Ghazala dam line is renowned for possessing and passing on its good bone, body substance, elegance, strong form to function conformation for all sport horse endeavors, along with their wonderful people-pleasing dispositions, charisma, vitality, and extremely long, productive lives.

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From my personal correspondence with Sidney Rae Fox, I have these pedigree family research notes from her dated 11/19/02: "Haapey Pico is a paternal sister to seven-time National winner Hosanna Pico (a U.S. Reserve National Champion Hunter), to U.S. National Champion Show Hack Juno Pico, and to Pico Rosalina (dam of U.S. Top Ten Jumper Pico Lenah).

Haapey Pico is a daughter of of U.S. Top Ten Park Haat Shaat (Tahas x Sha-Ira by Tamarlane). He is a full brother to Canadian Reserve National Champion Formal Driving Nuther Haat Shaat and to Tahsha, dam of 2 National winners in performance.

Haapey Pico's dam Jolley Pico is a paternal sister to 5 National winners including U.S. National Champion Futurity Filly Bint Diana , U.S. Top Ten Jumper Son of Erin, and Canadian Top Ten Jumper and U.S. National Champion Trail Horse Rahmoun's Lancer. She is also a paternal sister to Erin's Belle (dam of U.S. Reserve National Champion Hunt Pleasure CW Magnom) and to Sierra Moun (sire of U.S. National Champion Jumper Lamoun). Jolley Pico's dam Kishtee Pri Moun is a paternal sister to U.S. Reserve National Champion Native Costume and Top Western Pleasure Kishtee Timp. She is a 3/4 sister to Kishtee Lisa, dam of U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure AOTR 18-39 Cahafra Inferno+ and National winner producers Lutisa and Stormson."

(Thank you Sidney Rae Fox for sharing the results of your research with us! Haapey Pico is so very proud of your colt, her grandson ME Consider Me (Ibn Aulrab x Kydcara by Kyd Bask).

Wanting to know more about the history and horses of the CMK Heritage? Rick Synowski still has a few remaining CMK Heritage Catalogues available for purchase. These are invaluable resources for their information on CMK and are highly recommended!

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Bloodline Percentages for Haapey Pico AHR #236292
Crabbet/Blunt = 62.0117 
GSB (incl. Crabbet) = 72.7051 
Davenports = 9.17969 
Polish = 4.29688 
Egyptian = 33.6121 
WK Kellogg = 30.5664 
CMK = 98.4375 
Abbas Pasha Source = 30.0751 
WR Brown/Maynesboro Stud = 46.0938 
Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif Source = 32.4707 
Babson Egyptian = 1.5625 
North American Desert Source = 25.7324 
Early American Foundation (vol V) = 84.375 
American Foundation (thru vol X) = 100 
El Emir = .671386 
Mesaoud = 14.7217 
Ghazala = 5.27344 
Skowronek = 4.29688 

Zobeyni (Abbas Pasha) sire line; Ghazieh (Abbas Pasha) dam line. A
Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah. CMK and American Foundation.

Percentages and research by Eva Dano courtesy of Delores Lyndon or Laurie Weichelt

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For more information on Haapey Pico or the CMK Heritage Horses of
Arieana Arabians, please contact:

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